After completing his musical studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory, Mark Bischof started producing artfully designed objects for everyday use, such as a clarinet case with a wooden combination lock, as well as a folding cellochair. Working on these sophisticated, demanding and skillfully crafted pieces sharpened his expertise in dealing with different types of wood, metals and alloys such as brass.

The artist’s first complex kinetic installation, in which both the factors of movement and time played a role was “The Invention”, featuring a rolling ball that moves its way through a delicate wooden construction and eventually causes a cup of tea to be poured. Working on this piece, Mark’s fascination with kinetic art was aroused. In all of the works that he has created since then, he examines the phenomenon of movement through the primary means of rolling balls.

Kinetic art captivates our attention because our brain reacts quickly to perceived movement, leaving us surprised by the sudden changes and amazed by the sense of effortlessness. At the same time it turns us into keen and active observers.